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Our Core


Established with integrity, experience and professionalism, Fairlight Security Risk Management’s mission is to support clients with dedicated qualified personnel, thus ensuring successful outcomes that, wherever possible, will always exceed the client’s expectations.


To be recognised as the client’s trusted security consultancy provider, allowing us to deliver the desired business and individual outcomes in a discreet, professional manner at all times.


Dependable collaboration facilitating a reliable, discreet service, provided by committed and passionate experts, whilst protecting the client’s confidentiality and reputation.

A Team of Experts

The team instantly brings a powerful armoury of specialist knowledge, skills and experience to bear in solving your problem.

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Protecting your Assets & Wellbeing

Fairlight SRM provides high level security consultancy across a full range of disciplines, from security awareness and risk management services through to specialist threat and risk analysis, to all counter-threat operational requirements.

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